TPA Competencies

Commitment to Pupils and Pupil Learning

  • Teachers demonstrate commitment to the well being and development of all pupils.
  • Teachers are dedicated in their efforts to teach and support pupil learning and achievement.
  • Teachers treat all pupils equitably and with respect.
  • Teachers provide an environment for learning that encourages pupils to be problem solvers, decision makers, lifelong learners, and contributing members of a changing society.

Professional Knowledge

  • Teachers know their subject matter, the Ontario curriculum, and education related legislation
  • Teachers know a variety of effective teaching and assessment practices.
  • Teachers know a variety of effective classroom management strategies.
  • Teachers know how pupils learn and factors that influence pupil learning and achievement.

Professional Practice

  • Teachers use their professional knowledge and understanding of pupils, curriculum, legislation, teaching practices, and classroom management strategies to promote the learning and achievement of their pupils.
  • Teachers communicate effectively with pupils, parents, and colleagues.
  • Teachers conduct ongoing assessment of their pupils’ progress, evaluate their achievement, and report to pupils and parents regularly.
  • Teachers adopt and refine their teaching practices through continuous learning and reflection, using a variety of sources and resources.
  • Teachers use appropriate technology in their teaching practices and related professional responsibilities.

Leadership in Learning Communities

  • Teachers collaborate with other teachers and school colleagues to create and sustain learning communities in their classrooms and in their schools.
  • Teachers work with professionals, parents, and members of the community to enhance pupil learning, pupil achievement, and other school programs.
  • Teachers engage in ongoing professional learning and apply it to improve their teaching practices.