Makey Makey Fun

Last spring I had a little money leftover after the end of the semester. I had heard about these cool things called Makey Makey that I wanted to try out. So I purchased three.

In the fall, I set up with the bananas and oranges to play the piano and playdoh for Tetris. The kids had fun with these and I put them away. IMG_3733

At a loss for the next step, I started looking for more ideas on the internet. I signed up for the Global maker Space day. By luck, I watched Colleen Graves‘ webinar Makey Makey in the Classrooms. Then I went to New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning  (NPDL) Learning Lab in my district where I saw two great uses for Makey Makey.

The first was a guitar that could be used to play several different games. I found a template for the main body of the guitar.IMG_4471 I enlarged this on the photocopier until it was big enough. I then cut the template out from pieces of cardboard. I taped the wires into place and connected it to the Makey Makey. I then found several games that could be used with the guitar.



Then I put together a set up for a Dance Dance Revolution type game. IMG_4474

I had too much fun putting these together and want students to have the same opportunity (and fun). It was good for me to try it out on my own to see some of the problems students might encounter with their building. Now to set up a situation for students to build.




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