Blog Update

I restarted this blog on February 8th with a focus on keeping a digital portfolio.  I have tried to write a post every week with some success. I have posted on Twitter when I have a new post and am very excited to see that a small number people have visited my site over the last few months.

I was worried that my posts weren’t been read by many people. I had to remind myself that I am posting to make a digital portfolio not to be read by hundreds of people. So I am continuing to write with the thought of that great quote from the movie Field of Dreams

If you build it, they will come.

I’m reworking it to…

If you post it, they will read it.

It’s not just my blogging that is slow to become a habit.

I introduced the idea of blogging to 3 senior classes at the beginning of the semester. One class was quite interested, one class had some interest, and the third class had no interest. Guess which class is still blogging?

If you guessed the first one, you would be correct. Now to be fair, I do go in every other week to support the class with their blogging. I helped set up the rubric to assess the posts which are directly related to the course work and I suggested that their blogs be used to demonstrate their learning  for their summative project for the semester.

A few students have continued to blog from the second class and I could not convince anyone in the third class to blog at all. Now if I was their teacher everyday maybe the results would be better. I do think that for some students writing in any form is seen as a punishment. I don’t feel this way now, but I sure could relate when I was in school. Writing my own blog is a giant step out of my comfort zone but I do believe it is worth the effort.

So, next semester, I will choose different classes and request more time with the students to help them blog regularly. My goal is to keep blogging about my learning and maybe…

If you post it, they will read it.




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