Powerpoint Hell

I am the first to groan when I go to a professional development session and see a powerpoint full of bullets and words. And don’t even get me going on those presenters who like to read every word to you while telling you they aren’t going to read from the slides!

So when I started to plan my presentation for the upcoming Ontario Library Association Superconference, I did not want to use powerpoint for my visuals. I checked out Voicethreads (http://voicethread.com) which I love to use with my students. But it wasn’t right for this topic. Next I tried Prezi (http://prezi.com) but I kept getting nauseous by the movements to each topic.

So I fell back on a powerpoint presentation. I have read several books about how to use powerpoint effectively. Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds is still one of my favorites. Using his principles of simple and clean slides, I put together my presentation. Making a powerpoint this way requires far more organization before you start on the slides than if you fill them with bullets and words.

After producing a detailed topic outline, I carefully hunted down photographs that would fit with each section. Then I had to play with the size of the photos to make them fit each slide. Most importantly I recorded reference information for each photograh used.

I am quite proud that this powerpoint does not include any bullets, minimal words per slide and large pictures that will guide me when giving the presentation. Now I am just down to the practicing what I want to say and picking out the books I want to bring with me.

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