I went to the Educational Computing Organization Of Ontario conference earlier this month. Here is the link to their website.

I heard about this conference last fall on Twitter. I always go to the Ontario Library Association Superconference at the beginning of the year and had already spent my PD dollars there. However, after looking at the program (with envy) and reading all the tweets from the participants, I decided that I would just have to go to both.

I am sure glad I did. First of all, there was free wi-fi during the conference! I know that some people were complaining about the slowness of the connection but I never had any problems myself.

Next, Twitter was made a focus by the planners this year. All the volunteers were wearing Twitter shirts with their Twitter names on the back.

Participants were also given ribbons to add to their name tag with their Twitter name on it. It was so much fun to talk to some of the people who I have been following on Twitter!

Finally, making a choice on which workshop to attend was almost painful. Each session had at least 10 different speakers and I always found at least 2 that I wanted to go to.

The opening keynote by Dr. David Thornburg ( was funny, enlightening and thought provoking. Any Star Trek fan would love to hear him talk about his projects. Then I went to a great session by Anita Brooks Kirkland and Becky Rouse both teacher-librarians from Waterloo Region. They showed off Library Learning Commons Website. This district wide library website has all the information any student needs from their library on-line. Best of all, Waterloo doesn’t mind sharing this site with others. So check it out. Then I went to a great session looking at the impact of E-readers on education by Colin Harris and Melissa Murray.

All of this before lunch (which was part of the cost) on the first day. I won’t go into detail about the other sessions but here is the link to the workshops to check out for yourself. I’m already planning on going next year and maybe I’ll come up with my own topic to present!

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